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ENGAGE Community Empowerment
Trade Register Zurich CHE-372.751.101
Martin Klöti, Prof., Dipl. Kult.Ing. ETH/BWI, Kirchbodenstr. 60, CH-8800 Thalwil, +41 79 405 69 33, Mail

"A little more of Switzerland would do well to the world."
(Didier Burkhalter, Head of Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs)

We invite all people and organizations to participate in the active promotion of peace. With your mutual support and reinforcement, together we shall launch a Swiss federal initiative to establish a peace budget that serves to promote peace as a constitutional mandate for Switzerland in the world. On a worldwide basis, barracks shall become places of regional empowerment, regional reconstruction and good life.

Our actual answer when critizing the globalisation

The reversion of the globalisation becomes evident by the creation of corporations, labour and workplaces as the regional livelihoods of any nation and region in the world. It does not mean falling back in grey pre-industrial poverty, neither is any rejection of the digital revolution meant. Required is the forming of sustainable, modern clean-tech clusters. They will bring back identity, attraction, prosperity and good believe in the future to lost regions. They will make their way back to life and living spaces.

Mediation and coaching for challenged people and organisations


What keeps people and organisations busy in these times of political, economic and social stress, is exceptional – difficult to compare with historic experience and difficult to digest with what we learned at school. We believe that in these days very human competences are required such as reflection, intuition, empathy, courage, consideration. To remember, to train and to apply such abilities make our assisting partnering valuable in an unique way.

Firm energy and water supply, public transport, waste management, care of soil, water management, education and health for everybody, effective administration


Good prospects for people, regions and nations presuppose well functioning public measures. With all the faith in the self-organization of citizens: where the water is poisoned, the power supply often fails, the traffic jam prevents encounters, the schools are closed and the hospitals and doctors are without chance, the authorities wait and the food is wasted, life does become very difficult and it’s ever hard to gain a foothold. ENGAGE is committed to providing the foundations.

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