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Digging Green Valleys and Starting Gardening

We motivate people in arid areas to create their own access to the groundwater. After the depth and the position of groundwater have been searched, documented and these results are available, ENGAGE will distribute this information for free to the citicens via flyers/letters/newspapers/comics combined with work descriptions and simple but effective tools to dig actually "green valleys". These are very large wells with walkable/manageable/stable inclinating sides where gardening can be started down at the basis of the valley directly at the new waterside close to the water source.

On a continous basis, the gardens will then grow/move uphill in widening circles. In the end these green valleys become larger and larger and also continue their growth even on the surface where no digging has taken place. These valleys are the green spots, which will connect to a growing network covering the surface of an arid region/nation.

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