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Industrial Relocation

Regional Clusters Make Regions Powerful

ENGAGE Community Empowerment supports countries, regions, cities and communities in the sustainable, socio-economic and socio-cultural development, with a particular effort in creating enabling and resilient structures, with a strong focus on the use of the available resources, on the stimulation of the existing talents and by stimulation and  supporting the active participation of people and communities in municipalities, cities and regions.

Regional clusters comprise around 100 companies per region. For investments in promising companies, which form a powerful cluster, ENGAGE relies on the approach and possibilities of the Global Cleantech Cluster Association GCCA.

Renaissance through Enabling Structures, Talent Empowerment and Participation

ENGAGE Community Empowerment supports the development of efficient economic systems, the existence of future-oriented, social and cultural framework conditions, and the recovery and protection of natural resources and livelihoods. In view of often promising governmental programs, ENGAGE Community Empowerment supports their effective implementation towards  far-sighted and constructively well understood regional economic development. This includes industries supported by innovative small and medium-sized enterprises. Their cooperation is intensive, diverse and mutually beneficial. They form a cluster. Through the exchange with large international corporations, these companies and organizations are integrated into the global trade as well as they are responsible for the complete supply of their nation to the permanent covering of the everyday needs.

Special strength and durability are created by the combination of local and regional service providers with international, first-class expertise. ENGAGE is happy to create and coach such constellations towards healthy and thus sustainable socio-economic development. ENGAGE activates the regionally available and often slumbering resources and empowers them to develop their potential as a starting point for viable systems. 

Therefore the work of ENGAGE Community Empowerment is based on the full recognition and perception of the local resources which are often sacrified in the global competition. ENGAGE Community Empowerment invites all (scattered) individuals and corporations of all kinds and different backgrounds to contribute to their communities with their special talents. ENGAGE Community Empowerment acts in a holistic, both rational and empathic way. In the combination of establishing sober systems and of faithful belief in the fundamental drive, ENGAGE is able to reach, motivate and inspire even the disappointed to wake up and deliver unexpected results.

Protect, Develop and Care for Regional Ressources and Systems

ENGAGE leverages governmental thrive towards a good way of living by paying attention to some key factors:

  • respectful use of land and resources

  • free, safe and close access to clean water

  • healthy food: production, stock, processing, distribution

  • reliable power supply

  • decent accommodation for people, animals and goods

  • safe and healthy living and working environments, systems and conditions over all value-added processes from planning to construction, realization, operation / production / maintenance to decommissioning and disposal

  • comprehensive, easily accessible educational systems for all ages, origins, predispositions, perceived perceptions and perceptions

  • wide awareness of personal relationships and interactions, achieve participation through constant multiplication during everyday permanent loving education and training

  • performing transport routes and transport systems

  • sufficient, contemporary health care and prevention

  • civil organizations, which respect, protect and include history, traditions and human rights

Achieve Private and Public Investment in Potentially Efficient Economic Clusters

ENGAGE prepares the way and space for individual companies, traders, small and medium-sized enterprises, organizations, cities and municipalities to achieve the desired performance and effective networking of their individual services along value-added chains with benefits and returns in the region. Focusing on the quality not to say excellence of one's own performance and to bring it actively in connection with upstream and downstream service providers, is a special competence that wants to be learned and mastered. In many countries it is by no means self-evident. Where carefully maintained, it contributes significantly to the economic strength, reputation and trustworthiness of the nation and of the region.

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