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Dealing with Uncertainty and Change

Coaching towards Conscious Reflection
Joyful trainings for entrepreneurs, contributors and executives

Inspired by and based on LUDOKI, ENGAGE leads individuals, executives, companies and organizations, cities, communities, neighborhoods and groups through the clearing of current challenges, the identification of upcoming changes and improvements, and the successful realization of the findings.

The focus of this truly serious work are stimulating often astonishing insights, simulations near to reality, playful training of everyday cases, reflection of structures and processes to be re-agreed with stakeholders, increased attentiveness and virtuosity in the sovereign, winning handling of influences, surprises and seeming disturbances.

Explore new horizons and realize unexpected dimensions.

  • Find personal knowledge and reorientation.

  • Come to oneself, remain with oneself.

  • Act in a smart way, whatever happens.

  • Turn resistance and disturbance into good use.

  • Know your dignity and live your destiny.

  • Overcome obstacles confidently and sportily.

  • Recognize, anticipate and use dynamics of any kind in a supportive way.

  • Question developments to develop strengths.

  • Capture and set things in motion, engage with contributors.

  • Agree plans and implement them successfully.

  • Become a new person, become a new team.

  • Experience success, celebrate achievements, discourage fear.

Mediation in Cooperation, Conflicts and Demanding Processes

Again inspired by LUDOKI, ENGAGE accompanies conflict parties, teams under high pressure by the creation of surprisingly liberating consciousness, change and improvement - resulting in well formulated, widely agreed and therefore strong solutions.

What may begin with oneself, at home and at work, shows its effect in neighborhoods and enterprises, proves itself even in the political work on the highest levels. From the very beginning, and in the final analysis, we always and exclusively deal with the peculiarities of human beings. To recognize oneself and the others, to practice anticipation consciously in the way of proceeding with the given and potential in a constructive, peaceful and motivating way, is the simple avenue of our mediation.

Recognize the need for change, identify promising strategies, initiate meaningful processes, involve stakeholders, lead the way, make success visible and celebrate.

Imagine these current challenges :

  • New strategy: Redefinition and realization of markets, products, roles, profit potentials

  • Digitization of business and markets: redefinition of business cases, structures, working forms, personnel, compensation, motivation

  • Globalization: Relocalization and reorientation of production, procurement, sales, sales organization

  • Cooperations, mergers: mediation of interests, achievement of constructive, fair agreements between stakeholders

  • Outplacements, corporate restructuring: personal reorientation, self-experience, change and development, leadership training, encouragement / accompaniment of self-employed persons

  • Change: Entrepreneurial reorientation and consequential reorientation of staff, technology and organization, integration and participation

  • Negative interest rates: Adapted risk analysis, effective financial instruments and consistent investment performance

  • Political disillusionment: new forms of democracy and citizenship and co-responsibility

  • Regional development: reactivation, relocalization of the economy in regions and valleys affected by migration - innovation, integration of constructive forces, construction and operation.

Sociocracy for More Participation and Co-Responsibility in Communities

Municipalities are showing difficulties in filling their political authorities. More than ever, the community members are waving off when they are asked for a public office. It has become unattractive and labor intensive to perform a public office during the committed long term.

With participative and sociocratic methods, ENGAGE makes a constructive contribution to the effective sharing and anchoring of tasks and responsibilities among the inhabitants of a municipality. ENGAGE believes that community members are quite interested in public affairs and are also willing to provide their own services to maintain a viable community. They value communal independence and they are ready to participate in holding it up. However, the crux with the present form of the militia system might also be the often embarrassing election campaign, which means a strong public exposure.

The ENGAGE answer to that: The project-oriented co-operation and co-responsibility brings a great deal of flexibility and relief on a constructive and consensual basis. The concept and method of leadership in sociocracy provides the necessary framework for effectivity, job-oriented comittment and more personal freedom at the same time.

According to the principle of sociocracy, constant community tasks, investment projects, projects and events can be organized, managed and represented, which form for the time of the upcoming task, and dissolve after the goal has been achieved. Each participant contributes what corresponds to their abilities and possibilities. Such situational and temporary assignments are very much in line with the interests and possibilities of the professionally required but politically committed fellow citizens. The community benefits from the accompanying political activity and a community-oriented, trustworthy and constructive liveliness.

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